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My art is a business of the heart. My creations are the vibrations that well up from within--an expression of life force as it bubbles forth with brilliant color and emotional energy. The vitality of my art flows from its vivid colors, and its movement dances across your soul. When you look at my art, I want you to become immersed in a lush environment of saturated colors where you can luxuriate in both energy and serenity, bathing your spirit. And I want that sense of lushness to imbue your living or work space, wherever you bring my art into your life. I value the connection my art makes when it touches the soul, making a living space joyful and exuberant, calm and meditative. I value the honesty of creative expression and the inspiration it provides. Mine is a beauty quest, sharing what happens when color, form, texture, and design unite synergistically and make the spirit soar!

"When I saw Karen Friedland’s work, I looked at it and said, “it’s JAZZY” and as a jazz musician, I want that and I just bought it- BOOM! -like that! The colors have a lot going on like in jazz where there are a lot of layers and that’s what I see going on here. It makes me feel happy. It’s great, it’s FUN!"

− Mary Ann McSweeney

"When Karen Friedland’s paintings are in a room, they are like a blast of sunshine!"

− Roland Lewis

"Karen’s work is like her personality and her lovely home: colorful, vibrant and reflective of a true love of life!"

− Clare Donohue

"If you haven’t seen Karen Friedland’s art, you’re missing wild, beautiful, imaginative painting!"

− Sarah Lilly

"I love the palette and I love the whimsical nature of the two paintings I bought. The one with the fellow sitting down-I love the pattern, I love the wallpaper, the figure in the painting looks so happy. It makes me smile. They are happy, they are happy pictures, And, of course, the wonderful colors. Look, look at them—this is a GREAT PICTURE!"

− Karen Wenderoff

"Bathe your spirit in the energy and serenity of art’s beauty."

− Karen Friedland

"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."

− Claude Monet

"Surround yourself with art that touches your creative soul."

− Karen Friedland

"I dream my paintings, then I paint my dreams."

− Vincent Van Gogh

"Come to a place of respite, where you luxuriate in color and motion."

− Karen Friedland

"Color is all…color is vibration like music; everything is vibration."

− Marc Chagall

"Experience that joyful feeling where color and movement make your spirit soar."

− Karen Friedland

"Color, energy and movement are my zest for life."

− Karen Friedland